My name is Josh Zingher and I am post-doctoral fellow with the Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage at the University of Oklahoma. My scholarly interests focus on the role that social groups play in shaping the political process.  My work seeks to understand how social groups structure the political process, all the way from influencing individual level voting behavior to determining the enactment and nature of public policies on the macro-level.  I am especially interested in the politics of race, class, gender, and immigration.  

My research is empirically grounded--I aim to test hypotheses derived from theory with statistical techniques.  I am particularly interested in the concept of measurement and I utilize several different measurement models in my research with the goal of uncovering the latent ideological dimensions that structure the electorate’s political orientations.  

If you find any of my work interesting or would just like to chat don’t hesitate to drop me a line at


Joshua N. Zingher

Post-Doctoral Fellow

University of Oklahoma